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'cuz this shit could actually be happening

Team Spencer
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To allow the members of Team Spencer of the Panic Olympics the chance to hang out and help out.

team.spencer: because this shit could actually be happening

the basics.

This is the community for Team Spencer. We're dedicated to team work, having fun and bonding together.

the disclaimer.

We won't pretend to know, claim or own any of the members of Panic at the Disco, regardless of how much we may or may not want to do so. :)

the rules.

Just like every fic community out there, we have rules, too. They're very easy to follow and while a friendly reminder will be given, frequent abuser/neglect will suffer consequences. Sorry! We can't have all our secrets spilled.

-Everything must be friends-locked. We can't have curious eyes getting a sneak peek before it's time for the big reveal.

-Please keep all posts relevant to the community and general fic ideas. This is not the place to discuss girlfriends and pets, etc. Unless, of course, you're asking for the purpose of your fic. But to go on and on about how much you hate Keltie...well, that's what fbr_trash is for.

-Keep things mature. No bashing others fic ideas, nor the other teams. We're all here to help each other and even though the other teams are our competition, they're still our friends. This includes starting or engaging in any kind of drama.

-Don't forget to keep an eye on the deadline. If you're unsure if you're going to make it, then let someone know in plenty of time that they can either help you or they can have plenty of time to write it, should that be your choice.

-ALWAYS use a beta. Even if you're a beta yourself, there's still the chance that you might miss something. It never fails that you can read something a thousand times and miss it, but someone else looks over it and finds mistakes. There's a beta list below, if you'd like to keep it within the confines of the community.

-Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!!!

the betas.

Dena (the_demiurges)
aim: BookWithoutAnEnd

Erin (nod_nerb)
email: nodnerb[at]live[dot]com
aim: Klutzgal3

Nikki (i_heart_cliches)
email: iheartcliches[at]yahoo[dot]com

Randa (justranda)
email: justranda85[at]gmail[dot]com
aim: BenditlkeBeckett

Stephanie (discoanddessert)
email: Snowshadow_95[at]yahoo[dot]com
aim: xviennaxrosex

the support.

Help support TEAM SPENCER by posting these banners wherever you can and sport the icons!


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