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15 June 2008 @ 08:56 pm
Ok, so I know that everyone has been posting a ton of stuff and talking about ideas for their prompts and such and I really haven't done alot with that.

That makes me sad and I feel bad that I haven't been pulling my weight.

I've been a little busy lately. I went down to Vegas to hang with one of my best friends who is also part of the Olympics (Team Brendon) and we saw the Panic boys play live. It was an experience of a lifetime and now my life has been fulfilled. There was no computers or anything so I couldn't really check out any comunity updates or anything so now I feel super behind.

But now I am back home and working with all you guys, writing my fic, and doing my AP homework will be my top priorities.
So if anyone needs any ideas, a beta, or anything really, feel free to add me on msn or email me or something. solar-girl@hotmail.com
I would love to get to know all of you because we are all panic and slash fans and.....THIS SHIT COULD REALLY BE HAPPENING!!!!

-Sarah (ryden_grr)

P.S. I have a pretty good idea down for my prompt, Blind leading the Blind, but suggestions are still welcomed!!!
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08 June 2008 @ 06:25 pm
So I'm guessing this is allowed...

I have a few questions, just so that I can put my mind in order and drag my plot bunnies out of their constant hynernation.

1) I know Brendon said Brent left because "he was distancing himself and he didn't like the direction the band was heading" or something like that, but does anyone have anything to add on that subjetc? Some information that might be hlepful?

2) Around what time did Ryan get hit "Mad as a hatter" and "Thin as a dime" tattoes? Anyone?

Thank you, anyway :)

I may not use the information, but it's good to know, I odn't want to throw false facts...
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